New June releases

June is here, and there’s nice weather outside. So it will be a short Newsletter as you probablywant to spend more time outside, or enjoying your hobby, rather than sitting next to computer. This month, we have two packs for our Antignonid range: ANC20297 – Sphendonatai with kestrosphendone – its really hard to pronounce it – and ANC20296 – Toxotai. Both packs contain eight miniatures of four designs.  All of them are now available in our web shop.


ANC20296 – Toxotai

ANC20297 – Sphendonatai with kestrosphendone

What’s next?

Next month we will have another two packs for the Antignonids. As you know – or if you missed this information – we are currently working on the Marian Roman range, so all comments are really welcome and we appreciate your feedback.

See you next month.

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3 Responses to New June releases

  1. Telamon says:

    Maybe some Oscan Hoplites in muscled cuirass, greaves and phrygian/attic/thracian helmet? Like this

  2. Sebastian says:

    I pass this to our designer.

  3. Telamon says:


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