Marian Roman

Hi there,
we have just started working on a new range of miniatures, Marian Romans, below you will find up and coming packs. This is still work list so I’m inviting you all to discuss it, we are open to suggestions and comments. In particular with reference to cavalry we know that there was a auxiliary, but we couldn’t find any information about is there whether were regular Marian roman cavalry, and testudo we just not sure did they us them or not. So if you have any reference please share with us. We are still deciding about which artillery pieces to produce.

1. Marching troops
2. Basic fighting stance with pilum
3. Basic fighting stance with gladius
4. Wild melee charging/fighting with gladius
5. Pilum throwing
6. Officers, musicians and standards
7. Elephant – plain
8. Elephant with wartower etc.
9. Men at work
10. Crusifiction pack
11. Casulties
12. Personalities
13. Testudo pack if used in this period/resin testudo pack if used in this period?
14. Artillery?
15. cavalry?
16. Shields
17. Shields with embossed designs

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14 Responses to Marian Roman

  1. mruiz2014 says:

    I’m really happy you’re developing this line! I only wish it had been last year, when I bought an army. 😦

    Since you’ll be developing these, I wonder if you’ll consider adding a few figures that would help fill out a slave revolt army? Not sure if it’s strictly necessary, but maybe a few unusually armed cavalry and foot soldiers?

  2. Sebastian says:

    We will make Slave revolt army, just after we finish Marian Romans range 😀

  3. mruiz2014 says:


  4. Swampster says:

    I did a Slave Revolt army using existing Xyston figures though I had to use the Polybian figures. A few variants on the Marian legionaries would be great.

  5. mruiz2014 says:

    Reblogged this on Big Table, Little Men and commented:
    Xyston’s new blog. Great things on the way.

  6. Mark Baker says:

    That’s really great news. There really aren’t any quality Marian figures available. Can I just ask though what size they’ll be? Hopefully they won’t be too big – the Xyston Republican Roman range is unusable with other figures. Also, fantastic that you’re looking at the slave revolt. Again well done and good luck with the development.of this range. Cheers,.

  7. Sebastian says:

    They will be the same size like our recent miniatures.

  8. petzhetairos says:

    There’s a reference in Plutarch’s Life of Mark Antony to something similar to a testudo being used against the Parthians:
    “But the full-armed infantry, facing round, received the light troops within; and those in the first rank knelt on one knee, holding their shields before them, the next rank holding theirs over the first, and so again others over these, much like the tiling of a house, or the rows of seats in a theatre, the whole affording sure defence against arrows, which glanced upon them without doing any harm. The Parthians, seeing the Romans down upon their knees, could not imagine but that it must proceed from weariness; so that they laid down their bows, and, taking their spears, made a fierce onset, when the Romans, with a great cry, leaped upon their feet, striking hand to
    hand with their javelins, slew the foremost, and put the rest to flight.”

  9. Harald says:

    Very good news. Early German cavalry would be a very useful addition. But the size of the Marian Romans should be compatible to the Gallic range!

  10. Axel says:

    Good news that. In addition to Harald’s comment: not only German cavalry but also German javelinmen should be added. Is there a planned release date yet ?

  11. Sebastian says:

    We don’t have release date yet, we will announce it as far as possible. Germans are good idea, so I add this to wish list.

  12. Curt says:

    Yet another opportunity to produce a few packs of Illyrians. Colorful, distinctive troops in their unbelted tunics and mix of helmets, armor, and weapons. Useful as allies/auxiliaries from the hoplite Greek period right on through early imperial Rome.

  13. Fabio Arena says:

    Have you realized Men at work and Personalities? Where can I found it in your shop? Thank you

  14. Sebastian says:

    Not yet, we will start releasing them in soon.


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