New December releases

It is I, Sebastian, the newsletter guy. Brace yourself winter is…. well never mind, you probably noticed this.

New releases

This month we’ve prepared two packs of miniatures. Lets start with my “chosen one” from this month: ANC20308 – Antigonas on Pallanquin, this nice personality pack adds a lot of flavour to your army. A second pack is  ANC20309 – Tarentines Cavalry. In this pack you will find a mix of 4 Riders and 4 mounts from 4 different designs.


ANC20308 – Antigonas on Pallanquin


ANC20309 – Tarentines Cavalry

Marian Romans

As we announced in April, we started work on our Marian Romans miniatures range. For those who missed our post on Facebook or topic on our forum, here is a little preview of some up-coming miniatures:


You can find more on our forum and Facebook page, where we will post more up-coming miniatures!

What’s next?

For the next month we are preparing something bigger, and as like always on our forum you can find pictures of some up-coming miniatures.

Join to our forum or Facebook page and help us bring out the best miniatures!

See you next month.


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