New November releases!

It is I, Sebastian, the newsletter guy. Another month passes, so it’s time for new releases.

New releases

This month we extend our Numidian range with another two packs. The first pack ANC20306 – Mounted Numidian Officers, which consists of 4 riders and 4 mounts from 4 different designs. The second pack is ANC20307 – Numidian Slingers, which consists of 8 miniatures from 4 different designs.

anc20306ANC20306 – Mounted Numidian Officers

anc20307ANC20307 – Numidian Slingers

What’s next?

For the next month we are preparing  another two packs, on our forum you can find pictures of some up-coming miniatures.

Join to our forum and help us bring out the best miniatures!

See you next month.


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1 Response to New November releases!

  1. Telamon says:

    Oscan! 😛

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