Lottery result and new releases


September ends, so its time to announce who is the lucky winner of our lottery… and, of course, show of new releases.

And the winner is….

Bartłomiej, congratulations! Bartłomiej  will receive The King Porus on elephant painted by Jon Shields. We will contact with you by email. For those who did not win this time we have good news – there will be another lottery, so stay tuned.

New releases

This month we have two new packs. The first pack ANC20304 – Numidian Archers, which consists of 8 miniatures from 4 different designs. The second pack is ANC20305 – Numidian Officers, which consists of 8 miniatures from 4 different designs.

anc20304ANC20304 – Numidian Archers

anc20305ANC20305 – Numidian Officers

User’s wishlist

Don’t forget that on our forum, in the  “User’s wishlist” topic you can share with us with your suggestions about new miniatures you would like to see in future, so why don’t you join and help us bring out the best miniatures!

See you next month.


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1 Response to Lottery result and new releases

  1. Telamon says:

    Nice. 😉
    I’m waiting for Oscan, Etruscan and and separate Chalkaspides shield

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