Up-coming miniatures

A couple of pictures of up-coming miniature packs.

Antigonas on Pallanquin

Antigonas on Pallanquin Front_web

Antigonas on Pallanquin LHS_web

Antigonas on Pallanquin RHS_web

Greek Pikemen

Greek Pikemen RHS_web


Tarentines LHS_wevb Tarentines RHS_web

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4 Responses to Up-coming miniatures

  1. Telamon says:

    Nice job, especially with Tarantines… but if it is done for the army of Pyrrhus give him more attic helmet. Attic Helmet was most popular in Italy, in IV-III BC. If this is mainly mercenaries in the service of the Diadochi do not see the problem.
    But I buy one pack and mixed with Paionian (attic helmet) and Greek Cavalry with Petasos & Pilos. Is Tarantines Cavalry gets new shields or old shield (hoplon, phalangite shield)?

    I’m still waiting for OSCAN and and separate Chalkaspides shield! 😛

  2. Telamon says:

    You could give the first figurine scale armor?


    Please. 😉

  3. Sebastian says:

    I’m afraid it’s to late do this, but I add it to the “wishlist”. Nice to see you like it.


  4. petzhetairos says:

    Great to have an actual Antigonos figure. I had to improvise:

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