New August releases

It is I, Sebastian, a the newsletter guy. Before we go to new miniatures, I would like to tell you about our forum. To be more precise new forum. That’s right, we just launched it. I hope that you will enjoy it, and become a member. There is also a new Gallery section where you can post yours pictures.

New miniatures

And now, miniatures. Like always we present two new packs of miniatures this month. First pack  is ANC20301 – Chalkaspides which consists of 8 miniatures from 4 different designs. Second pack is ANC20302 – Sphendonatai with Shepherd’s slings which consists of 8 miniatures from 4 different designs.

anc20301 anc20302



As we promised last month, we make a lottery! We will draw one of our subscribers who will win a FREE King Porus on elephant, painted by Jon Shields. This beautiful miniatures can be yours – all you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter (if you haven’t done this already) and wait until 30 September.

See you next month.


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4 Responses to New August releases

  1. Telamon says:

    Don’t forget about the Oscans! I need them for my Roman Republic Army (alae socii) and Pyrrhic Army. Especially cavalry

  2. Telamon says:

    I have nice idea – can you do a set of separate Chalkaspides shield like this?

    Nobody is doing anything like it. I want to my phalanx.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Added to wishlist 🙂

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