They’re Here!


We couldn’t resist.  There are five new packs available (or to be more precise, three with two further variations – You’ll see what I mean in a minute) for you to buy this month.  We gave you a peek at the greens last time, but now they are available in all their white metal glory.

Firstly, one of the most anticipated personality packs in the entire range makes his debut: Hannibal.  Arguably the greatest general of his age, Hannibal is depicted in a number of situations, from crossing the alps to counting the rings taken from slain Roman commanders.  Also joining him are his brothers, Mago, Hasdrubal and Maharbal.

In addition, we are also releasing command packs for our Parthian cataphracts.  Both first and second century variants, and with a choice of mounts, either armoured horses or camels.  Check them out in the new products section of the site, or under the Carthaginian command or Parthian cavalry categories!

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